Close-Up Magician UK

"I watched everything and saw nothing.....How?!!"

-John Cooper Clarke ★★★★★


WHAT can i expect from rooster's close up magic?

Close up magic is exactly as the name suggests. It is magic that is performed directly underneath the eyes and noses of your guests. This is one of Rooster's favorite forms of interaction with his audience. It creates an immediate connection with your guests, giving them amazing moments of magic without smoke and mirrors or camera trickery! Rooster has had the pleasure of performing Close-Up Magic all over the world, entertaining wedding guests in Brunei to celebrity clientele in Luxembourg. 

What does it involve?

Rooster is known as being one of the best Close-Up Magicians in the country. His form of Close-Up Magic has been created and tailored to give the maximum wow factor for you and your guests. When hiring Rooster for your event you are not investing in your average magician. The experience he creates, making sure everyone is involved, using spectator's personal items (such as jewellery, mobile phones and even personal thoughts) put Rooster head and shoulders above other performers. All of these performances are 100% guaranteed to leave your guests with amazing souvenirs, and a stand out memory of your event.

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Would it work for my event?

Most certainly! Anywhere in which your guests are gathered, sat down at tables, at a drinks reception (for example) or just generally mingling, Close-Up Magic would be perfect! Rooster's slick delivery and flawless patter will see him mingle seamlessly among your guests. It has been cited as the purest form of magic and Rooster will take your guests on a great ride from start to finish.

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