Booking a Magician or THE Magician?*whats the difference?

So when it comes to your event finding the perfect entertainment is crucial!

Entertainment of any form can sometimes be an afterthought to some events, as an “oh they might be quite nice to have”. But over the last 5/6 years people are starting to realise the value quality entertainment adds, and the necessity of having an experienced, professional performer at their event. 

Let me explain. When I come to perform at an event I am not there to just show people amazing magic and mind reading. This is of course my particular skill set, but my other (probably more important)role is to keep your guests engaged, talking and entertained! By doing this it allows you the freedom of knowing your guests are in safe hands, will ultimately leave you less stressed during the event and will leave them with amazing memories of your event for a very long time to come.

When it comes down to finding the right Magician for your event, take your time and really research the act(read their Google reviews/check out their Instagram). If you’re going to invest in THE Magician your priority should always be this:

Do I like them? Would my guests like them? How are they unique to the other Magicians I’ve seen?

By going with the first Google Ad you see(remember anyone can buy their way to the top of a Google search) or just casting your net out (online agencies etc.), you aren’t going to end up with THE Magician, only a Magician. I think it’s important to remember that a cheap, inexperienced performer can and will cause more harm than good to an event. But as I say this is all about you and your guest’s experience, why not give them the best you can!


Many thanks for reading! 


Ross RobertsonComment