GoGo Grease Mint

GoGo Grease Mint


The original home-brewed UK Pomade!

A Bees Wax and natural oil blend product formulated by Multi-Award Winning Magician Rooster.

This pomade comes in both a medium and firm hold which, when broken down between your hands, melts lovely into your hair and combs through great on both dry and damp hair!

This product is made for genuine lovers of pomade, meaning that we embrace the natural "build up" this pomade gives you throughout the week. This means you do not have to keep re-applying!

Please be aware that due to demand this product will sometimes have to be made to order. Please allow 3-5 days for delivery(although it will probably come sooner).

Product Breakdown:

Medium Hold - A higher concentration of oil to wax. The medium hold is designed for guys and gals that don't want too much of the intense hold, but still want their hair to remain in place with a decent shine. This product is stronger than Black and White but not as strong as Red Dax.

Firm Hold - A higher concentration of wax to oil. When mixed and melted down between your palms the firm hold almost becomes the consistency of the medium hold. This allows you to comb it through and style your hair any way you wish! But don't be fooled, once dry your hair will not move! Please Note - although this is a strong pomade we have made it not as strong as some of the other pomades available(Lockhart's Heavy Hold, Dax Black Bees Wax). We feel pomade should be used to enhance your hairs natural lines and not make you look like a lego model!

Tins - 4oz, UK Shipping Only

Thanks for taking your time to visit our page and enjoy the pomade!

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