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Close-Up Magician UK

"I watched everything and saw nothing.....How?!!"

-John Cooper Clarke ★★★★★


WHAT can i expect from rooster's close up magic?

Close up magic is exactly as the name suggests. It is magic that is performed directly underneath the eyes and noses of your guests. This is one of Rooster's favorite forms of interaction with his audience. It creates an immediate connection with your guests, giving them amazing moments of magic without smoke and mirrors or camera trickery! Rooster has had the pleasure of performing Close-Up Magic all over the world, entertaining wedding guests in Brunei to celebrity clientele in Luxembourg. 

What does it involve?

Rooster is known as being one of the best Close-Up Magicians in the country. His form of Close-Up Magic has been created and tailored to give the maximum wow factor for you and your guests. When hiring Rooster for your event you are not investing in your average magician. The experience he creates, making sure everyone is involved, using spectator's personal items (such as jewellery, mobile phones and even personal thoughts) put Rooster head and shoulders above other performers. All of these performances are 100% guaranteed to leave your guests with amazing souvenirs, and a stand out memory of your event.

Corporate Magician  London

Would it work for my event?

Most certainly! Anywhere in which your guests are gathered, sat down at tables, at a drinks reception (for example) or just generally mingling, Close-Up Magic would be perfect! Rooster's slick delivery and flawless patter will see him mingle seamlessly among your guests. It has been cited as the purest form of magic and Rooster will take your guests on a great ride from start to finish.

Professional Sussex Magician

Rooster Magic bw - The Mesmerist - Brighton Source - Ashley Laurence - Time for Heroes Photography.jpg


wedding Magician

"Truly amazing!! We will never forget that. Thank you for making our day!"

-brenda & terry (portsmouth) ★★★★★

Wedding Magician in London

why choose rooster as your wedding magician?

Why not give your guests the ULTIMATE WEDDING EXPERIENCE!!  You can now have the confidence to truly relax and enjoy your special day! The knowledge that Magician Rooster will be leaving your guests with amazing and unforgettable memories, is the best way to make your big day run as stress free as possible.

Rooster is known as one of the UK leading wedding magicians. A seasoned and experienced performer with performances up and down the UK, as well as over seas, Rooster has had the privilege of sharing his magic with many happy couples and their guests on their special day. Having Close-Up Wedding Magician Rooster at your wedding is the perfect way to break the ice and keep your guests entertained. This is your big day, and attention to detail is everything!

Corporate Close Up Magician

when to have close-up magic at your wedding

Not sure where to book Wedding Magician Rooster within your big day? Not a problem! There are specific points within a wedding where Rooster's Close-Up Magic would be perfect! Have a look below to see how Wedding Magician Rooster would best would suit you.


  • Wedding Breakfast magic

The perfect start to your big day! Rooster's Close-Up Magic is the perfect ice-breaker. It will allow conversation to flow freely among your guests, creating the perfect atmosphere to get your day off to a great start! Slick, calm and professional, Rooster is able to mingle from table to table, creating moments of amazement, applause and laughter, leaving your guests in the mood for the rest of the days events!


  • drinks reception Magic

Notoriously the point within the day when guests, who may not be familiar with each other, meet and chat freely for the first time. Alcohol starts to flow, and what better way to keep your guests entertained than with some strolling magic! Wedding Magician Rooster can mingle expertly throughout your guests performing amazing mind blowing magic, keeping them thoroughly entertained so that you can focus on your wedding photographs and the rest of your day.


  • Evening Reception Magic

How better to keep things going than adding Close-Up Magic to your evenings proceedings! Guests that may have not been able to be there from the start of the day start to arrive, and what better way to keep them entertained than with Wedding Magician Rooster! Extremely visual and family friendly, Rooster's Close-Up Magic will see your evenings events out with a real bang!


Professional Close Up Magician in London

"You were the perfect choice! We couldn't have asked for a better magician at our drinks reception. Rooster was professional, polite and the magic was the best we'd seen! Thank you!

      - Lilly & tom  (Hertfordshire)  ★★★★★


Wedding Magician London

" We booked Rooster for our wedding and all i can say is that he is worth every penny and more! All of our guests commented on how amazing he was and it was definitely one of my favourite parts of a very special day! "

              -Emma & Graeme (Brighton)  ★★★★★




Elite Corporate


"just amazing! Dapper and slick, couldn't have asked for more "

-ozwald boateng (saville row tailor) ★★★★★

Professional Corporate Magician London

why choose rooster as your

corporate magician?

Ever thought about hiring a Close-Up Magician for your next corporate event?

Why not give your clients an experience that they shall remember for years to come! Rooster has been one of the UK's top corporate magicians for the past 15 years. He has had the privilege of working with some of the world's biggest and influential companies, bringing their products and messages to a wider audience. His contemporary yet vintage inspired dress sense fits in perfetcly to any event, giving his act a touch of class and sophistication. Want to know how to keep your clients engaging with each other, talking about you and your event whilst leaving them amazed and entertained? Look no further!



● Tailored Magic For Your Event      

● Promotion Of Key Messaging & Business Branding                            

● Break The Ice  & Develop Strong Connections With Clients     

● A Proven Method Of Captivating Clients & Guests


trade show magician

Rooster has been working at trade shows for the last 15 years, cementing himself as one of the UK's top trade show magicians. Working alongside brands such as Fred Perry, Bentley and Vodafone as well as celebrities such as Fatboy Slim and Russell Brand, Rooster has helped promote and push productivity for hundreds of companies.


 ● Increase Leads                                          

● Attract Huge Crowds      


● Incorporate Your Message For Maximum Effect      

● Creative & Unique Presentations


strolling magic                                          

Rooster can seamlessly move among your clients, providing them with pockets of unreal, sophisticated magic. Rooster carries everything on his person so no need for large stages and tables to set things up on!


Whether working behind a table or mingling among them Rooster will dazzle and shock any audience. He uses audience participation, and real conversation starters to help provide some amazing reactions, leaving your clients with amazing souvenirs as well as a stand out memory of your event. Rooster is used to working with microphones, screen projections and stage management, all these things have helped him to create some of the most amazing and visually stunning parlour shows, perfect for any setting!

London Close Up Magician

"we heard the screams.......then the applause, you made it a great shop opening!"

- ben sherman (carnaby street flagship store ★★★★★

Professional Corporate Magician in London

"seriously great performer, we can't wait to have you back next year!"

  -London Fashion week ★★★★★



Truly the future of magic, nothing comes close to this!
— Sky News

What is a

Digital Magician?

iPad Magician Booking Worldwide for your event!

Breaking the ice as well as keeping your guests engaged and entertained are crucial in creating the right atmosphere for your event.

Digital Magician Rooster will guarantee that your event is remembered for a lifetime!

Rooster is one of the UK's leading technology and tablet magicians. Can you imagine being able to incorporate mind boggling visual digital magic into your event? Well this is what Digital Magician Rooster can do for you! Whether you have a corporate event, product launch or trade show Rooster can work with you to produce the most visually entertaining show possible, leaving your guests in awe and amazement.

iPad Magician UK

“We were blown away! This use of tech is sorcery!”

YouTube Space London

iPad Magician London

“The best act we’ve had”

Bentley Motors Limited

Rooster works with both the Apple iPad (amongst other Apple products) as well as Android devices to bring you the most visual and entertaining in Digital Magic. Imagine being able to create bespoke Digital Magic for your brand or event! Rooster can work closely with you to ensure his use of digital technology can enhance your event to the fullest. Rooster can use both the iPad Mini and smaller Android Tablets within his working Close Up repertoire, so be sure to ask if you would like to see these digital miracles when using the booking form.


iPad Magician

Working alongside the latest in Apple technology Rooster is able to create some amazing miracles just using the Apple iPad!

Imagine objects, such as money, spectators personal items and even mobile phones, being pulled in out and of the screen. As well as this objects can appear to morph and change within the screen, only to find out that it has become a reality in the real world!

iPhone Magician

As well as creating magic with tablets, Rooster is well known for making unbelievable magic with mobile devices!

Constructing magic using something so personal as a spectators mobile phone, leaves an even more impossible element to your guests experience.

Creating impossible and amazing memories for your guests is something Rooster prides himself on. Being able to show how amazing the technology we all carry everyday is truly gives your guests an unbelievable and unique experience. This is something they will remember for a lifetime!

Everything Rooster performs has been tailored and created in such a way to allow your guests to feel at ease with him handling such personal items, whilst leaving them completely stunned by the technology they carry in their pockets!

Check out this bespoke social media video. It is created for London watch company The Mondial Collection for their social platforms. This was done to promote the Miami Night Fall timepiece.

Google Android

In an effort to stay unique and versatile Rooster has learnt to create using both the Apple IOS and Android platforms. Working closely with many Android Tablets Rooster transforms his spectators perceptions of technology. By making the seemingly impossible real, altering the fabric of reality or even reading their minds, Rooster can leave your guests dumbfounded and giving your event the stand out memory it deserves.


Brilliant Reasons to Choose Digital Magician Rooster

 - Fully Qualified & Full Time Member of Equity

 - Public Liability Insurance up to £1,000,000

 - 100% Safety Regulated Magic

- Custom Digital Magic Created For You

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Two decades of LIVE Performing Experience

  • Slick & Contemporary Style & Repertoire

  • Competitive Prices

  • Bronze, Silver & Gold Packages For Your Event

Digital Magician Reviews:

iPad Magician UK
iPad Magician UK

"We booked Digital Magician Rooster for our Christmas Party. As a company using technology constantly, we felt adding Rooster to the nights proceedings was the perfect marriage of tech and astounding magic! He really messed with everyone's heads (even those of us particularly tech savvy), and left us amazed! We will be booking him for our next event."

Giles Palmer - CEO Brandwatch ★★★★★  

"I hired Digital Magician Rooster on behalf of a haemophilia research charity for a conference attended by mainly healthcare professionals. He went down a treat! He blew everyone's mind and worked really well within the context of the evening agenda. I would highly recommend him if you are organising your own conference or work do."

Laurence Woolard - Haemnet Organisation  ★★★★★