Pricing Guide

Ever wondered How much it is to hire a magician?

Rooster understands that no two events will be the same, and as such the best way to find out about pricing options is to contact his office directly. Please enquire about the RM, RM ELITE and RM PRESTIGE packages available for Weddings, Corporate Events and Private Functions.

There are a number of factors that affect the price of a magic performance including:

  • Duration - Rooster Magic's performances range from short stage performances to all-day corporate events.

  • Location - Rooster travels worldwide - travel expenses will be charged accordingly.

  • Frequency - If you'd like to hire Rooster for a residency, block bookings can be negotiated.

  • Date/time - Off-peak times are weekdays/evenings and peak times are from Friday evening to Sunday night.

  • Special Events - Rooster is available for Christmas parties, New Year's Eve and other seasonal events.

  • Type of Performance: Whether you're looking for close-up table magic or an intimate parlour show, Rooster Magic can tailor his performance to meet your needs.

        * please note that seasons do affect pricing as well.


please read *Tips on Booking a Magician

If this is the first time you are looking into booking a magician for an event, then we understand that you will probably be looking around to find the price that suits your budget best. Please bare in mind if you are booking your entertainment solely on the cheapest possible option we can assure you, they will not be the right fit for your event.

A cheap, inexperienced performer will undoubtedly cause more harm than good to your event.

The industry in which Rooster specializes is one in which price does clearly reflect on the artist's skill and ultimately their ability to make your event as memorable as possible for both you and your guests.

We always offer the best and most competitive fees for our packages. We always work with you and your budget to give you the best event possible. In fact we are so certain that your event will be enhanced by having Rooster as your entertainment that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This is your event, whether it be a wedding, corporate drinks reception or a party. At Rooster Magic, Rooster and his team pride themselves on the level of service and professionalism they can offer you. It is your guest's experience that will make your event remembered for years to come, and attention to detail is everything.


 Rooster Magic Creative Team



To find out more about Rooster Magic's prices, contact Rooster now.

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